Thursday, March 31, 2011

Board & Batten Entry

Can you tell I can't stay on one project for too long?
Here is our entry last fall (viewed from the kitchen)...

Here it is with the short-lived "Ode to the House of Turquoise" wall...

And in it's third life, with board and batten, looking a little "parsonage-like".  
The latest version below...with hooks (I think it looks like a bit like a school-room coat closet now).
Some favorite hats...
I keep taking color away in here because it's so narrow (5'10'' from the front door to the board and batten wall)...& the coats and "stuff" add to the chaos.
Can't wait to get out and spray paint...for now, can you guess how I added a bit of color the hooks?  (The orange didn't turn out so well!)
 This one is my favorite...

 ...just for her...
This little shelf holds "kid treasures" from outside, a Happy Cat and Bubba's painting with his sister's daily "Good Job" stickers from school.

The bench got shoved placed in front of the chest freezer (a necessity!)...and then partially "slip covered" with checked fabric.  (We were I was always running into the -dern- thing when it was across from the door.)

My daughter, the "dress-maker", had gotten to the checked fabric before me...I ended up using a scrap of white duck cloth to finish the back and tied it on with some leftover ribbon.
I've got a lot of respect for a man in worn work boots.
(And a lot of love for one in particular!:)

"The boys" were outside when I was feverishly vacuuming and cleaning in here - This is where I'd been trying to cram all of our stuff pre-school-room-coat-closet-days!

(Again) I can't decide what to do with the shelves above the freezer...what do you think?  White, brown, or other?  (I'd love your comments!)
Most days, it would be easier to have a drain and hose in here.


  1. Love the, whoever is in that pic....they are dirty!!! I hope they got that way with FUN!!!

  2. Uh, yeah, that would be our 3-year old boy - and he did have lots of fun ...explaining this one to me. (!) :)

  3. Great job on the board and batten! Thanks for dropping by and checking out my desk.


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