Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marvelous Morning!

Standing at my coffee maker (trying to not sway) the thought occurred to me that a little coffee-house style would be marvelous.

I opened Design Sponge and found these two images (and the bell sounded in my head - Get your splendid tail movin' girl!).

The blue and green are so fresh here.  
We have outdated atlases laying around (somewhere!) - that I'd love to take apart and frame .
I also can't wait to try a porcelain marker on some thrifted mugs.  (Did you see this DIY?)
Elias & Theresa Carlson Sneek Peek via D*S

Love the color - on easy to transform roll-up shades!  
Just one well placed shelf and some great containers to store coffee/morning smoothie goodies.

What makes your morning marvelous?

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  1. What a fun bloggy you have here!!! I'm a huge fan of color just makes me so stinkin' happy! Sounds like WI definitely puts you in the mood for some of that lately! (c: Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I love making new friends!


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