Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Colors

We had a gorgeous fall weekend ...

 Looking for squirrels...
 ...wrangling leaves...

...and trying for "that perfect shot" at sunset.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!  And a Happy Week to you!

Friday, October 7, 2011

You've Got to Love It

Even though I grew up on a farm, I didn't spend much time in the classic "farmhouse".   My parents built a ranch-style 4-bedroom house in 1976.  We were spoiled farm kids in the sense that we didn't have to share attic bedrooms or endure steep staircases and layouts from a historical way of living.

While our new house was being built, our family of five lived in a 2-bedroom trailer house.  My brothers were three and five, I was four.  The trailer house was a practical, but cramped solution to living cheaply during construction.  Besides being cramped, not everything worked in it.  One of the interior doors would stick shut which resulted in my parents saying (a lot!) "Don't close that door!". 

Though I knew to keep to myself my thoughts about a door you shouldn't shut: "Well, what's it for then?",   I didn't know enough to actually NOT shut the door.   Somehow, my (younger, peskier) brother got locked in until my parents came and "rescued" him.  (He was never in any real danger and now he's really good at fixing things.)

The trailer house also allowed my parents to be close to the construction.  Though they hired local neighbors and family members for the general construction, electrical, heating, etc,  they did as much work themselves as possible.  (My dad was putting shingles on the roof when my brother came home from his first day of Kindergarten.)

My mom was responsible for selecting all the finishing products.  "Glacial till" field stones for one of the fireplace surrounds, cherry paneling in the Living Room with a lofted ceiling and exposed beams and (ya-ta-da-da!)...

this flooring (in green) for the kitchen/dinette area.
Armstrong Flooring Ad BHG 1976
You are probably not as shocked to see this as I was.   To see the floor that always made me wonder (to myself mostly!) "Why? Why this (crazy) pattern, Moooom?" (Because of course, that quiet, but testy, 4-year-old morphed into a teenager!)

I did (finally) ask my mom why she choose this pattern.
After a quick,  faraway look, my mom said simply:  "Because I liked it."
Of course!  The basis of all things "good" - design or otherwise.  You must like it!

P.S.  Are you loving the lantern and the hardware on the built-in buffet by the range?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

BHG in '76

I wanted to share the rest of the Better Homes and Gardens article with you, from, that's right 1976 (October!)  The magazine is oversized by today's standards and sold for 75 cents an issue - my grandmother subscribed and passed them on to my mom. Somehow my childhood is tucked here - in the crafts, recipes, decor, even.  
Check out what's still feels current...

Bold Patterns, classic pieces:  The pattern on the sofa feels really current - as does the Parson's table. I know some of you (really cool) people own these chairs!   The coffee table  and lamps could go almost anywhere today and look new.

Ceiling Height Bookcases:  We either have or want ceiling height built-in's - just classic.  The reds, blues with the graphic rug are my favorites here.  The upholstered pieces, even the painted trim is still "happening".  I shared my favorite part of this room earlier in the week - I also love the upholstered dining chairs (even the fabric)!

"Pops" of Color:
(Again, with the upholstered legs!)   
In the article below, "a busy teacher" lives here; take a look below at what she keeps on her shelves.

Metal penny banks (Uncle Sam, the Pitcher -that'd be baseball pitcher!)  Do you see the guy next to Uncle Sam? My brothers had a bank like that growing up - the guy is holding a gun that you load with a penny, which is flung into the tree stump.  We had lots of fun flinging pennies around!   

Remember Encyclopedias?   How about projectors and slides (on the table)?  
(Huh - those would be my initials on the shelf!)

Here, though, is where I imagine myself:  beautiful wicker chairs and a table (handmade, in my imagination, by my handyman).  Rolls of fabric awaiting my next inspired project, sewing notions organized in textural baskets, "just enough" white dishes and the green outside space.   Can't you see yourself spending a crafternoon here?   Then having a a Mexican Buffet?  (Quite possibly my favorite meal!)
Come back tomorrow for my favorite pic from the Oct '76 BHG - something's underfoot!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Upholstered Legs & A Quick Update (!)

Well, no wonder I love this style so much:
Check out the upholstered legs on the stool in this (much posted & gorgeous) office by Domicile Interior Design.
This photo hangs on my inspiration/someday/wish board:  subliminal:)...Have you bookmarked or pinned this image, too?
Domicile ID

More upholstered legs:
These are from Barbara Barry on One Kings Lane...Great inspiration - love the legs and check out the welting on the lumbar pillows, too.
Upholstered Chairs, Pair
Barbara Barry Upholstered Chairs via OKL
Love the curve and the detail work at the bottom:
Downtown Upholstered Sofa via OKL
(The detailing around the back is a beautiful surprise.)

Though matching the print in the stools below looks a little DIY intimidating, the idea that you could take a "black-brown, pleather" stool from any retail store (or a craigslist find) to something like this is exciting!  
Paisley Upholstered X-Stools, Pair
Lars Bolander Paisley Upholstered X-Stools via OKL 

Honestly, I didn't know.  But Christine's right, this is big!

I happened to feature pieces found on OKL in this scheduled post - because OKL is awesome.  How do I, country-gal-who-has-never-once-made-an-actual-purchase-from-One-Kings-Lane know this?  Because OKL is featuring our favorite Design Bloggers in an upcoming Tastemaker Tag Sale!  

Meet the Bloggers

Make a wish for me and Go there (psst..on Thursday!) and purchase some awesomeness of your own!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Upholstered Legs

Isn't it true when we're looking for something, we find it?
I'd been hunting for another Living Room chair a couple weeks back and found this on Craigslist.
image 2
Local Craigslist 
Good? Bad?  Definitely memorable!

I loved the curve of the chairs and the straight backs, and those upholstered legs!  I'd been wanting an ottoman too and this one I kept recreating in my head  (a new print; maybe two prints?; a little more bating on top; add some detailing around the curve?)  Hmmm...

Then Nicole (*adore her work*) posted this.

And then (cue the music, cue the drumroll) mom handed me an October 1976 (!) Better Homes & Gardens magazine she had recently cleaned out of the garage.
BHG Oct 1976
Either I've been reading too much of The Secret or my future includes a fabric-covered ottoman, *with nailhead trim*!
BHG Oct 1976
What a great project this would make!
(Have you tried this project already - or purchased something similar lately?)