Thursday, October 6, 2011

BHG in '76

I wanted to share the rest of the Better Homes and Gardens article with you, from, that's right 1976 (October!)  The magazine is oversized by today's standards and sold for 75 cents an issue - my grandmother subscribed and passed them on to my mom. Somehow my childhood is tucked here - in the crafts, recipes, decor, even.  
Check out what's still feels current...

Bold Patterns, classic pieces:  The pattern on the sofa feels really current - as does the Parson's table. I know some of you (really cool) people own these chairs!   The coffee table  and lamps could go almost anywhere today and look new.

Ceiling Height Bookcases:  We either have or want ceiling height built-in's - just classic.  The reds, blues with the graphic rug are my favorites here.  The upholstered pieces, even the painted trim is still "happening".  I shared my favorite part of this room earlier in the week - I also love the upholstered dining chairs (even the fabric)!

"Pops" of Color:
(Again, with the upholstered legs!)   
In the article below, "a busy teacher" lives here; take a look below at what she keeps on her shelves.

Metal penny banks (Uncle Sam, the Pitcher -that'd be baseball pitcher!)  Do you see the guy next to Uncle Sam? My brothers had a bank like that growing up - the guy is holding a gun that you load with a penny, which is flung into the tree stump.  We had lots of fun flinging pennies around!   

Remember Encyclopedias?   How about projectors and slides (on the table)?  
(Huh - those would be my initials on the shelf!)

Here, though, is where I imagine myself:  beautiful wicker chairs and a table (handmade, in my imagination, by my handyman).  Rolls of fabric awaiting my next inspired project, sewing notions organized in textural baskets, "just enough" white dishes and the green outside space.   Can't you see yourself spending a crafternoon here?   Then having a a Mexican Buffet?  (Quite possibly my favorite meal!)
Come back tomorrow for my favorite pic from the Oct '76 BHG - something's underfoot!

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  1. Girl...I so loved that! I was young in '76 but can remember all those trends! Now, we see some of those same trends...Funny how things change but not really!!!


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