Monday, October 3, 2011

Upholstered Legs

Isn't it true when we're looking for something, we find it?
I'd been hunting for another Living Room chair a couple weeks back and found this on Craigslist.
image 2
Local Craigslist 
Good? Bad?  Definitely memorable!

I loved the curve of the chairs and the straight backs, and those upholstered legs!  I'd been wanting an ottoman too and this one I kept recreating in my head  (a new print; maybe two prints?; a little more bating on top; add some detailing around the curve?)  Hmmm...

Then Nicole (*adore her work*) posted this.

And then (cue the music, cue the drumroll) mom handed me an October 1976 (!) Better Homes & Gardens magazine she had recently cleaned out of the garage.
BHG Oct 1976
Either I've been reading too much of The Secret or my future includes a fabric-covered ottoman, *with nailhead trim*!
BHG Oct 1976
What a great project this would make!
(Have you tried this project already - or purchased something similar lately?)

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