Thursday, April 26, 2012


These pillows haunted me after a visit to my favorite antiques store.  I have a (now flexible) rule about anything stuffed from anywhere - "New stuffing only!"   I broke my rule and bought them. (They were $7.00 each!)

Remember when we used our old pantyhose to stuff a pillow?
Remember pantyhose?
Does anyone call them "pantyhose" anymore?
They received a tearing apart. (Yes, I *gasp* threw away the pantyhose filler.)

I am so in love with needlework in long as someone else has done it!

I added to green velvet backings, zippers and some new stuffing...And they have a cozy spot on our sofa...

This weekend  I was reading Jonathan Adler's Happy Chic Colors...
...and I stopped my tracks when I saw this picture of Diana Vreeland in her Billy Baldwin designed, red, Red(!) living room - and that little pillow there!
Check out the view in the mirror, too - the art, the tulips, the "inspiration board"...the swag!  And, Doh!, I want a floral sofa now!
You just never know where something fabulous might lead you...
Someday I'll be lounging on my chintz sofa...
My grandchildren will sit in a little chair next to me.
(They'll take turns because they are such lovely little dears.)
And I'll quote Ms. Vreeland:  "Too much good taste can be boring."
Or possibly myself:  "YOU are full of Fabulousness!"

Love to you!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Enzo Mari

As Melanie pointed out on Babble, this Enzo Mari print is lovable in so many rooms.

I have a weak spot for a room that has an updated schoolhouse feel.  Is there a mom that doesn't love (apparently empty) baskets all in their places?  :)
We have a die-hard "I love wood" fan in our house.  So I try to be "realistic" when pinning images:  This beautiful trim and wall color with Mari's art feels modern and inviting.

Here is some more Enzo Mari via Nova 68's website.  Enjoy!

Well, "Kiss the Goose and Clean the Zoo,"  my kids would love this too:

Enzo Mari: L' oca Modern Poster
L'oca (The Goose)
The Apple and The Pear in two of my favorite "colors".
Enzo Mari: La Mela e La Pera Modern Poster
 La Mela e La Pera
And a pretty pink pig!
Enzo Mari: Il Porcello Modern Poster
II Porcello

Love to you!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning

My husband helped me make (made) these Ana White Laundry Basket Dressers last weekend.  They're solidly built and perfect.  I have them primed and need to get the final coat on and maybe some legs, or casters?
Laundry Basket Dresser
Because our Laundry Room & Office are in the same room I'd been purging the whole room last week.  You know, to make way for the Extreme Organization that will magically occur with new furniture! :)  

After ditching 2007 receipts, I moved on to the all the old bookmarks on my computer. (If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed my copious pinning last week.) I reorganized some of my favorite pins (to include them on more than one board) and (somewhat) alphabetized the board titles.      
Perfect Office Setup
You may already do this, but going back to the photo source before pinning (found by clicking on the image...usually) will help you track down the image later.  (It's sooo difficult to resist the temptation to just click and pin but worth it when you can source it later.)

The Lovely Cupboard
Even though it's so refreshing to get things cleaned out, it's overwhelming, too.  I think *every.single.closet* in our house needs a major "going through"!  

Have you been Spring Cleaning lately?
Love to you!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A New Look...


Country Kingdom aka Angie in the Country has a new look thanks to Lara at Designer Blogs.

Lara (who was so very patient and kind) worked with me to install the Adelaide Pre-Made Blogger Design and customized a signature line and title for me.  I love the results and look forward to posting now that things look more professional around here.

So many thanks to Lara at Designer Blogs for putting my ideas on the page!

Tell me what you think of the new look - I'd love to hear your feedback.

Friday, April 13, 2012

My Other Dining Table

We hosted 14 people in our little house for Easter dinner.  Thank goodness my family is full of great cooks, because they brought the main ingredients, while I ran around my house moving furniture, trying to decide how to get everyone in!

Naturally, the week before Easter was the *perfect* time (not!) to start re-finishing the top of this table.  It's a beautiful dark walnut on top now, and though I still need to touch up the white legs and apron, it needed to be used (All tables on deck!).     So I moved it to the living room for our Easter Party because it's narrower than...(ya-ta-da-da!) My Other Dining Table.

I tried many months ago to give this to any family member who would take it - The table is part of our grandparents dining set - I'm so glad now that no one wanted it!  Instead of tucking it back into storage, I grabbed the scratch cover and gave it a good "buffing".  I love the wider shape - which I originally thought was too big for our kitchen.  The kids can look out the window and enjoy their meals, without us telling them to "Turn around and eat!"
Though kitchen the whole floor plan needs rearranging, for now, it seems to flow a little better with the table oriented this way.   And  Abby has a great solution for that for the no longer centered light fixture. (Look away now, Dear.)
dinner party - blue table, green chairs
Of course I'm also never opposed to a little paint!  I had pinned the image above (I can't determine the original source - anyone?)  a while ago with My Other Table in mind...thinking I'd paint it and sell it *gasp*.  I have a major crush on anything turquoise and velvet green!  Though those chairs don't seen really practical with play-doh and spaghetti sauce, do they?  It also looks as if this table has a piece of glass over the top, another idea I love.  (Would toy trucks scratch the glass, like they scratch the wood? ...Grrr.)
dining room
I also love this dining area - With the black table and the modern chairs, it looks as if a busy family lives here.  (Maybe the cook gets a pretty, velvety arm chair.)  The white accents and the mix of  traditional, global and modern influences is simply beautiful.  Actually, this whole home tour is one of my favorite Before and Afters:  check it out here!

Wishes to you for a simply beautiful weekend!