Thursday, April 26, 2012


These pillows haunted me after a visit to my favorite antiques store.  I have a (now flexible) rule about anything stuffed from anywhere - "New stuffing only!"   I broke my rule and bought them. (They were $7.00 each!)

Remember when we used our old pantyhose to stuff a pillow?
Remember pantyhose?
Does anyone call them "pantyhose" anymore?
They received a tearing apart. (Yes, I *gasp* threw away the pantyhose filler.)

I am so in love with needlework in long as someone else has done it!

I added to green velvet backings, zippers and some new stuffing...And they have a cozy spot on our sofa...

This weekend  I was reading Jonathan Adler's Happy Chic Colors...
...and I stopped my tracks when I saw this picture of Diana Vreeland in her Billy Baldwin designed, red, Red(!) living room - and that little pillow there!
Check out the view in the mirror, too - the art, the tulips, the "inspiration board"...the swag!  And, Doh!, I want a floral sofa now!
You just never know where something fabulous might lead you...
Someday I'll be lounging on my chintz sofa...
My grandchildren will sit in a little chair next to me.
(They'll take turns because they are such lovely little dears.)
And I'll quote Ms. Vreeland:  "Too much good taste can be boring."
Or possibly myself:  "YOU are full of Fabulousness!"

Love to you!

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  1. ha-ha...I've seen this same pic, although I don't remember what book I was reading. Its somethin' else! Love the pillows too!


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