Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning

My husband helped me make (made) these Ana White Laundry Basket Dressers last weekend.  They're solidly built and perfect.  I have them primed and need to get the final coat on and maybe some legs, or casters?
Laundry Basket Dresser
Because our Laundry Room & Office are in the same room I'd been purging the whole room last week.  You know, to make way for the Extreme Organization that will magically occur with new furniture! :)  

After ditching 2007 receipts, I moved on to the all the old bookmarks on my computer. (If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed my copious pinning last week.) I reorganized some of my favorite pins (to include them on more than one board) and (somewhat) alphabetized the board titles.      
Perfect Office Setup
You may already do this, but going back to the photo source before pinning (found by clicking on the image...usually) will help you track down the image later.  (It's sooo difficult to resist the temptation to just click and pin but worth it when you can source it later.)

The Lovely Cupboard
Even though it's so refreshing to get things cleaned out, it's overwhelming, too.  I think *every.single.closet* in our house needs a major "going through"!  

Have you been Spring Cleaning lately?
Love to you!

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  1. ..and you aren't the only one! Lots of great storage ideas here! I am in the midst of cleaning out storage cabinets too.. what a mess and SO dusty.


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