Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pamela Griffith's Botanical Art with Soul

Meeting people is one of my most favorite things to do.   I love being part of a group and listening to and learning from other people.  I'm especially drawn to people who are natural teachers.

You know that person in a crowd who is gutsy enough to "break the ice"?  The one who, with one well-placed story, question or observation can get the whole group talking and having a great time?   On my trip to Taliesin, I met the loveliest lady who has just that ability. 

Pamela Griffith is a beautifully talented Australian artist, who works in nearly every possible medium and through her sense of place and appreciation of the Australian landscape "brings art to everyone."  

Pamela has designed for the Kleenex brand of Kimberly Clark; designed commemorative toile fabrics for the Australian Bicentennial and the Beatification of Mary MacKillop; and, if youhappen to be in New South Wales, she designed the waratah flower logo on your driver's license. (I had to google waratah, too.  Here it is!)

In her printmaking studio, Pamela also creates etchings and prints that celebrate the fascinating Australian landscape.  There are so many beautiful paintings and etchings to browse through on her site, but if you're lucky enough to be heading to (or in!) Australia, you can check out Pamela's exhibition in person:

If you go, tell Pamela, "Hello from Wisconsin!"  :)

Here are some more of my favorite etchings I couldn't resist sharing with you!  Enjoy!