Friday, March 4, 2011

Make It (Marvelous Tuts) March and Monster Aches

I have that monster cold that everyone seems to have and am nursing a (monster) headache today.  Blessings (ah-choo) to those of you doing the same!

I've been using Susan's tutorials over at Freshly Picked for some of the things I've by making lately (or remaking).  I think of Susan as a long lost cousin whom I hero-worshiped as we grew up together, while making our own toys...on green the sunshine... (Yeah, I'm obviously ill.) :)   

You've most likely seen Susan's (FABULOUS!) baby moccasins - and somehow she manages to do more marvelous things, like decorating her kids' room (so cute!), and posting great tutorials on her blog.

(How I wish "Tuts" (pronounced toots :)) would catch on!  Let's try it:)

Here are some fun and easy to follow (da-da-da-dah) TUTS, all Freshly Picked!

Envelope-Back Pillow Tutorial at Freshly Picked
I reversed my striped fabric- 
and switched the direction of the stripe on the back - 
just because!  :)

Curtains from Bedsheets Tutorial at Freshly Picked
(I had to make this complicated and cut slits about every 3 inches in the top rod pocket
- I like that Susan uncomplicated hers.)

and in the spirit of TMI:   I can now go out in public without my jeans falling down thanks to this little tut:

Taking Jeans In At the Side Seam Tutorial at Freshly Picked
(Previously there was a picture of my *ahem* side seam here that I got sick of looking at, and maybe you, too?)
This may work on those dress pants we all have hanging in our closet, too.
The ones that we avoid because they "fall" too much, but the next size down was too tight or too short in length.

Who is your go-to for tutorials?

May all your tuts be shared with love and may your March be marvelous!


  1. I have alot!!! I think Janell at Isabella and Max Rooms does really great tuts!

  2. i'm blushing. you are wayy too kind!



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