Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Goodbye February!
February (especially in Wisconsin, especially this year in Wisconsin) is my least favorite month.

Short of Valentine's Day (which briefly redeems the cold, dreary weather and stuck inside feeling) February, for me, is a lost cause.  I strongly believe that one ought to simply pack up and leave after the New Year.  (Be aware, Universe, I am planning my annual escape!)
Catching up on their Vitamin D intake while Dad clears the snow for what he hopes is the last time!
Welcome Marvelous March!  I, for one, am glad March is here.
(Even though soon it will have the following result on all footwear coming anywhere near my house!)

So what's Marvelous about March?   (I don't know!  However, in the face of foreboding circumstances, I'm determined to remain positive!)
Stay tuned and Make March Marvelous with me!

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