Friday, March 25, 2011

Kitchen Update!

My kitchen update continues!
Let me show you around (again!).
I'm not thrilled about the paint color - or really the lack of it.  
According to Decor Horoscopes: It takes Libras a long time to decide 
on a paint color.  Yeah. Yes. Uh-Huh.

(I did love that "Otter Tail" brown in the "before" photo and thought I wanted gray...I painted over the otter after the cabinet "take-down"!) 
We used Lisa's instructions (at A Vintage Vine) for the shelves we added to our kitchen.  (Though I was the only part of "we" - hubby and I - that needed the instruction!)
I "shopped my stuff" and found some pretty things to put on the new shelves.
"Springtime" bowls and platter from our wedding gifts...
(They're teenagers - 15 years old!) 
and my favorite thrifted tins for tea and coffee supplies.

Jenny at LGN posted about rolled fabric shades recently.  
And I had to try my own version, while trying to spend ALAP (as little as possible!).
These are the Bamboo Blinds remade into the rolled fabric version.
These photos make me wish I had chosen a color or pattern - 
but then I did have a budget of nada!
(I'm showing these to you without dowels- which will  improve how they roll up.)
I really love how they look in the morning -
and that they actually block the sun while sitting at the table.   
(The two windows flanking the shelves face east and we were bombarded by the sun streaming through the bamboo blinds.)

One of my favorite recent Dollar Store finds are these (bamboo!) placemats - 
the colors! Yum!

When you get really close to the blinds, you can see bits of red, black, blue...
I love that!

....I also love that they're finished (for now) and functional!
And,  though my husband had (huge) doubts about taking down the cabinet-  
I still don't!

Stay tuned for what I replaced it with!


  1. Thanks for the mention....I love what you have done with the kitchen!!!! The color and the way it was all put together....WOW!! Seriously it is good!!

  2. Thank you Lisa! A huge compliment from your talented self!


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