Saturday, January 15, 2011

Painted Ladies

While dreaming of "that perfect" kitchen, here's what it looks like for Today.

That fridge is missing a handle.

"Blonde" table and chairs.

(Note my favorite cleaning product: Window Cleaner...uh, next to the cereal...ok moving on!)
Howdy, partners, Let me show you around.   

This was the FIRST table and chair set I bought.  Ever.  In my life. (From KMart. :))  Still, I was thrilled!

Along come two adorable, just-as-potentially-messy-as-me people (as well as booster seats and the need to wipe down every surface multiple times a day) and the table and chairs were beginning to show their years.
Mom thinks it was the booster seat and window cleaner...

The set I ultimately found was from Craigslist &  it was the shape of the chairs that I really loved.  Welcome, curvy ladies!

After a good cleaning and removing the seats, 
the chairs went out to HM's shop for spray painting ...which he lovingly did  for me!

(The Royal Me found spray painting very frustrating...
I'll stick to small spray-painting jobs and a roller & brush!)

The finished paint job... after many fume-y hours 
(well, a few hours, he's pretty good at this sort of thing!) by a sweet handy man.

Close Up by HRH.  These chairs delight me!
Though I love weathered finishes, I wanted "the ladies" to be a bit glossy.  
Since I'd been following/stalking Jenny, for some time, I knew to run out and grab 
some glossy Wipe-On Poly.  Which was the easiest thing ever to rub over the Krylon White.

I reupholstered the seats in a vinyl.
As you can see, I couldn't decide on a color.  
Two in charcoal, two in sand.
I have a feeling I'll be recovering them in the next few years anyway!
(I can still use my beloved Window Cleaner to spray them down!)
Here's the table, not ready for her reveal...and the birthday party aftermath...
(Yes, that's a toy crane in my kitchen.  
I know, you want one, so here's the link...
Your dream toy crane awaits you here.)
The "new" table & "Painted Ladies"!

So much more to do... 
  • Replace fridge (Hooray! - LOVE a new fridge!)
  • Replace the bench with a "semi-built-in" bench/window-seat
  • Repaint - (I'm loving gray, lately!)
  • Add decorative moulding or panels to walls
  • Refinish table
  • Add an indoor/outdoor rug for under the table (or am I asking for ruination?)
  • Change out the blinds for the (4) windows (fabric?)
  • Replace a falling apart recipe/arts storage unit (have my eye on something!)
  • Oh, and fix that "T" - it's too big!

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  1. Oh, those chairs are wonderful!! What a great CL find. Love them so much!! You did a wonderful job on them as well and have shown that even a home with toddlers can be stylish. I love the vinyl seat cover solution to make them liveable for your family. :)

  2. Chairs are great!!! The list is going to be fun watching you complete!

  3. Thank you Debbie for the Linky party ...and Lisa at Vintage Vine the link to Debbiedoos!

  4. Those are fabulous looking painted! Thanks for joining the newbie party. Please add my link or button and sign on as a new friend...thanks and have fun!!~ XO

  5. Very nice! I love the curvy chairs as well. Craigslist finds really excite me! I found you through Debbiedoo's.

    You can check me out at

  6. Your kids are TOO cute! Great find on those chairs, they do have great curves. I found you through Debbiedoo's.

  7. These chairs are so classy in chic in their white color! Great job. :) I hope you will delete soon more items on your to-do list!

    I found your blog through Debbie's newbie party!


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