Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Ink Society

While browsing, I found a super-stylish website that featured this:
S A L E // Be Awesome Instead...  13x19  (No.113)
theinksociety @ Etsy.com

(Love that!)

I promptly followed the link to Etsy, saved for later, and forgot where I was (Hmm, not much new here and how are you?)

Wouldn't these prints be great for:

...your Mom?... (Think Spring - Mother's Day!...on sale, too!)

S A L E // The best things in life aren't things. 13x19 ( No. 105)
theinksociety @ Etsy.com

... my your office ?...All together, now:S A L E // Inhale. Exhale. Smile.  in Warm Colors 13x19 (No.028)
theinksociety @Etsy.com

... Valentine's Day (and beyond - they come in other colors!)...

S A L E // Love What You Do. in Red colors (No.020)
theinksociety @Etsy.com

S A L E // Do What You Love. in Warm Hues 13x19
theinksociety @Etsy.com

S A L E // Hello. Also, I love you. 13x19 (No.023)
theinksociety @Etsy.com

...us! Because we dared!
S A L E // All Glory Comes From Daring to Begin 13x19 (No.125)
theinksociety @ Etsy.com
Enjoy Today!

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