Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Wrong Would It Be?

I had leftover Cowboy Calzone meat mixture (from this awesome cookbook) and
leftover garlic bread...(you know, you get two slices, you eat one, the other floats around the freezer reminding you of it's garlic-y deliciousness in it's partially-opened package...'til you come up with a really great plan, that is!)

Well,  I was going to smack those leftovers together, top them with MOZZERELLA and BAM! Pizza Bread! Yee-ha!

People would cheer!  MY people would cheer!  They'd love me!
"Mom, you're the BESTest!" they'd exclaim!
Matt Groening
Well, Homer, you're out of mozzarella!

(You see, in another frenzied attempt to make something that my family will eat - other than the two recipes I already prepare - I made lasagna.  PW's lasagna.  Meaning LOTS of MOZZ was used...2 pans of lasagna were made.  One partially consumed by said family, one frozen and given away.  Though I happen to LOVE lasagna - think Garfield - we still had leftover lasagna.)

That's when this thought crossed my mind:
 "I could peel the mozzarella off the leftover lasagna!"

I love it when a plan comes together!

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