Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Look What Mom Did!"

I've been holding out for a "new addition" to our house.
The next best thing to a baby - a "great room" with a new kitchen, dining and living room.  For a variety of reasons that plan is on hold.

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To occupy myself (I suppose!) I've been attacking any project that I can do without the Mr.  (Which amounts to a lot of moving furniture, framing pictures and painting!)

One problem that has (constantly) bugged me are our kitchen cabinets.  They were dark stained (think 60's) plywood - not great quality but super huge/useful.

When we moved in, we painted the upper cabinets.  I didn't want to mess with painting the base cabinets because they are laminate and we were only going to "live with it" for a little while!  10 years later and I've had enough...  (almost!)

That big cabinet above the stove is the one - the height above the stove (fire hazard!) the lack of a range hood and it seems to take up so much "weight" in the room.
It really is one solid piece - everytime I mentioned taking it down, my husband shook his head and walked away, or feined a headache!

What's a girl to do?
1.  Empty it out.  Check.
2.  Inspect.  (9 nails, and a bunch of caulk at the top holding it up!)
3.  Get the "claw" (I once was "employed" at pulling nails :)
4.  Wait for husband to leave for work and the kids to go to bed. (No witnesses needed!)
5.  Grab the ladder, a stool and yank those nails out!
6.  Take a picture to prove that I didn't call Dad in on the "fun".  (Which may have been a good idea as this one demo has taken the spunk out of me!)

A vent fan for the stove and either open shelving (Like Lisa from A Vintage Vine has done here.) or a 12 in cabinet (It's dusty out here!) next to the stove will (hopefully!) replace it.
Remember when I was just going to paint, replace some furniture and window treatments? Yikes!  My list has grown, my budget, not so much!

With much remorse and regret I got up the next morning and realized...I have no regret!  I'd been hating on that poor cabinet too long!

Looking at this picture I think - take down the other one!

Some factors (excuses) to consider:
1.  Teeny tiny budget.
2.  We have few matching dishes.
3.  The remaining cupboards are full of edited stuff.
4.  I may really want to take that other one down but am too afraid (Yikes!)

What would you do?

More to come...Stay Tuned!


  1. First of all, happy blogging! :)

    Second, you did a great job taking down these white cupboards.

    Third, after painting the wall, I would definitely add 2 - 3 open shelves. It doesn't matter if you don't have that many matching plates/cups/glasses etc., be creative and do your own combos. You could also place vases, frames with family photos, kitchen tools, stuff that's more decorative than utilitarian.

    Hope this helped a bit. :)

  2. i dont blame you...i am minutes away from yanking carpet up that must go.

  3. WOW! You go girl! Add some shelving, that would look so good there! Thanks for the shout out! Blogger buddy!

  4. Have you considered a microwave/vent combo? You should still have room for shelves along the side toward the window and on top!

    because I don't know how else to post a comment.


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