Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Buffet

While I'm (desperatly) trying to formulate a plan for my kitchen cabinets, 
let me fill you in on something new (to us!) in our kitchen...

...a buffet!  This piece once belonged to my grandparents.
They passed it on to my aunt, who no longer has room for it...and 
(thanks to my dad's lifting and hauling) she passed it on to me!  

The photo is of my grandparents on their wedding day.  The teapot was my grandmother's.  (Just had to reunite them for a bit of nostalgia!) 
The little heart cups and saucers are from Goodwill.
 (Aren't they cute?)

My grandfather's name was "Val"...Valentine.
He ALWAYS went by "Val" and hated his full name. I think it's perfectly romantic and suited him well as
he was a very gracious man.

My grandmother was stylish- as much as a mom of 12 (!) was allowed.
Her bouquet and hat are so lovely...
she was lovely, sweet and kind..a real "lady".

Because I can't finish one project at a time- 
what do you think - paint it, refinish it?  
What would you do?  
I'd love to read your suggestions!


  1. I have some pieces I would never dream of husband re did them for me when we were first married...So I say, no I would not paint it. Since it was your Grandma's and is has nostalgic value....just my 2 cents!! BTW the display you have on top of the buffet is awesome and I'll say it again, those chairs are perfect!

  2. This is a beautiful buffet-I would not touch it! If it has any scratches, just use Old English scratch cover on it.

  3. What a lovely story about your grandparents and some of the things that belonged to them. I wouldn't know what to do either - sorry I'm not much help!


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