Friday, February 4, 2011

Living Room Lust

I love this room!
Everything but the antlers - though what would I put there instead?
And they do create "tension" - right?

When something is put together so well, it makes you fall for something you may not usually have/buy/decorate with!  I may be falling for antlers.  (Let's keep this under our hats antlers for now.

Let's look around:
The (cozy) fire, fireplace surround and the transom window with the doors add to the I'm-in-the-warmth-even-if-it's-freezing-outside-feeling.  (Putting myself in the picture, the door is closed, with snow piles outside.)

Check out the ceiling! The gray from the ceiling repeated in the chair, ottoman and pillows is spot on and not forced. (Janell just sanded down and waxed a dining table that has beautiful lived-well gray finish.)

via splendid willow
What did you see first? Was it the ottoman?  Me too!
The gray fabric, the legs, the tufts - so beautiful!
(Have you done DIY tufting?  It looks difficult to get it right.) 

This is how we spend cold, snowy days in the frozen tundra - thinking about antlers tufting and gray wood finishes!
(Okay, I do.  How about you?)

Enjoy today!


  1. Great room! Yes, for me it was the ottoman but I also liked the sofa and its fabric.

  2. The sofa is great - In my head, mine are covered with drop cloth slip covers that I have leisurely sewn in a weekend - ah dreams of busy moms everywhere! :)


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