Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Subway Art

My Eighteen 25 Valentine Subway Art is in my living room next to ...

...some new pillows! 
This striped fabric has been kicking about 
and I'd been mumbling "change those pillow covers" 
every time I walked by the brown pillows on our brown sofa.

  Last night for 3 hours I sewed and messed up, sewed and messed up.  
(Enough to discover the reverse side looked a bit less like the circus.
Love a happy accident!) 
So I made three pillow covers and am now ignoring all requests 
until I finish this post. 
(You've totally been there, right?)

 The picture below is my favorite because it includes 
my daughter's unicorn art and a little stack of my Sweet Valley High books.  

This subway art is so fun (I love a freebie that includes typography!)...

Right now, I'm linking up to Eighteen 25's "Where's Your Subway Art?" Party...Later I'll tell you more about my late night Home "Improvement"!
Stay Tuned! (and Enjoy!)

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  1. It looks so good! Link it up..everyone needs to see it!


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