Monday, February 21, 2011

Kitchen Dreams and Realities

I've been perusing through Merillat's website:  
"Modern - Free Spirit" by Merillat
Over at, they say:  "The Dream Kitchen for the Real World"..."Stop dreaming, Start living".  (LOVE it!)

Merillat's website has this great tool to satisfy kitchen function/design; right/left sides of the brain; handy husband/waffling wife...

"Modern - Modern Attitude" by Merillat
With Merillat's Step-by-Step Kitchen Planner tool, you answer questions about your preferences (good for waffling wife) and enter kitchen dimensions (satisfies handy husband) and the program creates a rendering of what your dream actually, (just may), look like! 
"Traditional - Timeless Elegance" by Merillat
There are MANY MANY more cabinet choices.  I narrowed my cabinet choices very early on and could go back to change them......but I've spent so much time here already that I need to get back to my paying job!
"Eclectic - Relaxed Living" by Merillat

Which, by the way, Merillat is not paying me to endorse their products/website.etc.   
Though I have no formal affiliation with them, I wouldn't mind one, 
as this is just plain genius-fun!

"Country - Rustic Retreat" by Merillat
So many choices! 
"Modern - Urban Edge" by Merillat

Now, back to reality!  
(Where, maybe, someday, I could pull off something like this?!)
"Modern - Modern Attitude" by Merillat

Check out the Step-By-Step Kitchen Planner at!  


  1. Great tip...I love those types of can see what you like with much risk!

  2. This is awesome! I'm headed there now.


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