Saturday, March 5, 2011

You Look MAHvelous!

This enchanting tree over at Bright.Bazaar  is so lovely!

Cherry blossoms take me right back to the sixth grade (ugh!).  I was a Safety Patrol student on a Washington D.C. field Trip (with about 100 other 6th graders).

We boarded our tour bus, luggage carefully packed and stowed, waved good-bye to our parents (It was the first time for many of us that we took a trip without our parents!), seated next to our buddies-for-the-week, and left Wisconsin on a rather bleak (bloom-less) spring day.

By the time we got close to D.C., we had endured 6th grade singing, general rowdiness and sleeping in those (lovely) bus seats.  We were tired, crabby and had already had enough of each other!

When we pulled into the D.C. and saw the cherry trees - to my 12 year old, worried self, it was magical!  The whole city was in bloom!

When I saw those trees, I realized that even though home was a long way off, and we had a whole week of "fun" together, "home" was not yet in bloom and I wouldn't miss a thing!
The Conran Shop as seen on Bright. Bazaar
Like a kid, I'd love to lay on that floor, or cozy up on that sofa (settee?).
For some reason, that yellow sofa (You had me at "yellow.") made me think of a favorite pair of yellow shoes I've been hemming and hawing about... This see furniture/think shoe thing happens to you, too, right?

So here are the shoes...and something to wear with them while window shopping!  (Or rolling in petals, because 'ya just never know when the mood will strike!)

Don't forget to head over to Bright.Bazaar to read how The Conran Shop is making their window display a complete sensory experience.  
And, most importantly:  "You are MAHvelous!"


  1. That sofa is divine. I've never seen a yellow sofa I didn't like. :-) You should get the shoes!! Oh, and we took high school trips like that. Rode on a bus from Michigan to Utah for skiing! At the time it was just fun to be able to sit next to my boyfriend. HA!

  2. That picture just captures the feeling of spring!!! Love the cute story to go with it! And who can't use a fabulous pair of yellow shoes? (c:

  3. I Like the way you think! Saw you over at GIGS, anyways following now! Don't change I'm "ill" too and I just got over a cold so you know what I mean...happy Saturday!

  4. What a marvelous display! I am not much on yellow so your on your own about the shoes.

  5. Sweet post! I love the yellow with the pink. Pretty!

  6. Love that story!!! DC is so enchanting, the buildings, the is all so wonderful...Thanks for taking me there today!!!


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