Friday, March 25, 2011

Smothered Tacos w/ Natalie's Enchilada Sauce

My "Make It Marvelous" March is quickly coming to a close!  
We've been "Spring Breaking Stay-cation Style" and busy with a few small DIY projects lately...
Here is a great recipe that completely makes my day!  I hope you try it and love it, too!

Natalie at Endless Crafting posted this (so. so. good.) Enchilada Sauce recipe
and I'm completely addicted.  Like scooping-it-up-out-of-the-pan-with-taco-chips-addicted - so delicious!  (Canned Enchilada Sauce?  Never again!)

Sure, you can make enchiladas and pour the sauce generously over the top
- or -
you can Fry. A. Taco. and smother it with the sauce!
(Oh. Dear.)

What I used:  
White Corn Tortillas, 
Black-Eyed Beans,
Shredded Cheddar-Montery Jack Cheese
Brown Rice, 
Verde Salsa (surprisingly tasty - from Wal-Mart's World Table brand)
Heat about 2 Tablespoons of oil. 
('Til it sizzles when you drop in a bit of water-carefully!)
Drop in your shell.  
(I fry -and salt- both sides.)
(There are certain chemical imbalances I just MAY be making up for here.) 
(Admission. That would be Step 1 in my recovery process, thank you.)
Fill with your choice of toppings. 
(I also had cilantro on hand this particular day - Can we get an "Oh. My...!")
Fold and then for the magic step...
Cover - 
and remove from heat 
to allow optimal melting into warm yet crispy deliciousness.
(Re-heat your Enchilada Sauce, if necessary.)
More cheese, more cilantro.

Then smother with enchilada sauce, 
more cheese and more cilantro.
"Wah-Ha-Ha".  (Maniacal laughter.)

You'll want to pick this up at the counter and 
let the sauce drip down your arm while you gobble it down.  

However, if you manage to make it to the table, with a fork, 
you'll get fewer strange looks from the (non-taco-enchilada-eating) family 
(What is WRONG with them, anyway?)

 So delicious... So good...So Marvelous!

Stop by Natalie's blog and print yourself a copy - Only your thighs will regret it!

Thank you, Natalie!

Make It Marvelous, People!


  1. Your taco sounds delicious! I will have to try it! Thanks for mentioning my blog!

  2. OMG...I am so glad you are back...I have missed you and your great posts...and look you give me an awesome recipe...Thanks...Seriously, if you did not post in a day or two I was going out on a search mission!!!

  3. You're welcome, Natalie!
    Thank you, Lisa at AVV- you're a great blogging friend!


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