Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April!

My mom, who cooked 3 (hearty & delicious) meals  for our family of 5, milked 150-200 cows (sometimes 3 times a day), managed all the "herd health" and farm business records would sometimes exclaim:  "Whew!  We made it through the week."

Well, "Whew! I made it through March!"

The beginning of March dawned with so much tension, drama and political *yuck* that I decided to simply "Make It" through the month.

You know the attitude:  you fix a great meal and everyone turns their nose up at it; you fold all the laundry only to find your toddler rolling in the fresh towel pile; you pick the perfect gift for someone and your apparent thoughtfulness and energy goes unnoticed.  That's how it was around here:  People "up in arms", unappreciative of each other, ready to fight.

Everyone was "taking sides" and making each other into the enemy...  I had no idea what to think of all the information flying about - and still don't, though I've certainly confirmed things some things I may have already known.

The people I entrust my children to are not my enemies.  Never will be.  They do a job I have asked them to do.  I give them my children to act as teacher in my place; and they have my respect.

I believe in you; In the power of people.  In a long work day;  In worn out boots and working for your dreams.  In protecting those you love;  In making the impossible a reality.

You tell me who you are, and I believe you.  You tell me you love your family, work hard for them and deserve to be treated well, and I. believe. you.

We don't get anywhere alone.   We all stand on the shoulders of giants.  (Sometimes the pedaler, sometimes the rider!)

We all look to each other to live, to do, to be fully ourselves.
So, if you're asked to choose sides, choose your side.  I'm there with you.

Happy April, everyone!  "We made it!"

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  1. Great post! I am so happy April is here too! Your Mom sounds amazing!


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