Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Favorite Wall, For Now

My walls are like Swiss Cheese.  
I don't subscribe by the recommended "cut it out of butcher paper, tape it up and see how you like it" method.  I have been known to manically and randomly, on a whim, even, pound nails into my (painted, paneled) walls.  I love the freedom of this wall - the idea that it wasn't good to begin with and won't be saved long term has made it my favorite to subject to change.
 All these thrifted finds from Goodwill or "Vinnie's"
(a local St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store)...

When I pulled these embroidered pieces out of their blonde wood frames,
I noticed the care the crafter took extra care to pin each edge to the cardboard below.  It was such a pretty, studded detail.  And even though the edges are darkened, I choose not to hide them.
 How would you frame this linen towel?
I chose a thrift store frame, but am afraid to use spray glue or pin it.
So it hangs a bit haphazardly in it's thrifted frame.
(I'd love to know the "right way to do this...a frame shop?  Glass, no glass?)

The towel was tucked away for a long time, until I realized how much I love all the colors & dreaming about being one of the people in the city.

Like this lady:
 and this one:
Anytime I see a couple arm and arm, it makes my heart skip a beat:
 I'd love to eat here:
 And go around the fountain on the top deck of one of those buses:
Ahh, how a tea towel and someone else's embroidery
can make a Country Girl dream.  :)
Have a lovely (dreamy) day!


  1. my mother in law is going to kill us when we move out---I have put a gazillion holes in the wall because I just can't seem to measure or make anything straight.

    That mirror and tea towel are really cool!

  2. Love what you did!!! Go check out Fresh Quince she did a post on embrodiered art today....you are cutting edge!!!

  3. Too funny...thanks vintage vine for introducing us granny chic loving ladies!
    I love embroidery as well and have a ton of tea towels that I plan to frame at some point. And my dining area is filled with embroidered bird placemats. So nice to see another loves it just as much as me! Take care and glad to have found your blog!

  4. That print is beautiful! I agree.. don't measure too much and change it up when you feel like it!


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