Friday, April 15, 2011

New World Home in Country Living Mag
By now, maybe you know:   I grew up in the country and live in the country.  Which means a variety of things.  A few decidedly "country" things are true about me:   I know how to drive a pickup truck without brakes; I've taught my kids that manure smells are promises of good things ("You eat cheese, don't you?"); and I admit to having two wardrobes - one for "chores" and one for "good".

"You can take the girl out of the country, you can't take the country out of the girl" does apply to me, however, I most often steer away from things that are "typically country".   As a rule I don't listen to country music by choice; I really can't grow a thing, unless it can fend for itself; and I don't read "Country Woman" or "Country Living".

That is until I was offered a free subscription of Country Living magazine.  "Cheap, cheap, I'll take it," said this country chick.

When I saw this ad for New World Homes, in the April Country Living magazine, I fell in LAAHA-love!  Modular Homes that are "historically inspired"!  Genius!  "Dig a hole, fill it up..." put a house on top!

Go to their site and check out the Home Showcase, where they feature photos, renderings, and floor plans, (even a blog).

New World Home Launches New Blog

Oh, plop one of these down in my field, pretty please!

I could so. here.

New World Homes are named after the towns or people of inspiration:  The Henry David (Thoreau);  We had a John Muir Junior High School in our town, so this home would seem appropriate to put in Wisconsin; the Walden Revival reminds me most of what our (original) home may have once (long ago!) looked like...(it was a hard-working, tad-neglected farmhouse).

I love the idea of adding one of the under 1300 foot structures to our "historic home".

What do you think?  Would you go the pre-fab route?

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