Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Parenting Spectrum

They're off to school...I'm in full meltdown.  After years of watching parents cry while dropping their children off at school, I've spent the last few years observing where I fit in on the Hovering-Absent Parenting Spectrum. (Don't take me too seriously, I'm pretty sure I just made up that whole spectrum thingy.)
Am I the kind to stand crying in the back of the classroom?
Do I  make small talk, hoping my child will say, "I changed my mind!  I don't hate you, Mommy!  Take me home!"
As evidenced yesterday, I'm the: "Drop-and-Run-Have-a-Meltdown-as-the-Bus/Car-Pulls-Away" type.
Danielle loves the whole idea of school, friends, teachers, even hot lunch.  She gets excited-happy when there is something to look forward to and Will has picked up on all the excitement.
"There you go, get on the bus, Be Awesome!" 
At Will's  "Meet the Teacher" day, he had played for a bit and seemed very comfortable.  When I told him it was time to go, he asked,  "But are we going to come back and learn stuff?" ("Good," I'm thinking, "hanging out with his sister has paid off!  This will be a breeze!")
When I dropped him off yesterday, for the first day of PK, I could feel his apprehension.  Here it comes, I thought... The meltdown that he or I didn't want to happen (from either him nor I!)

I did what any tear-fearing parent does - I bolted!  Gave a quick hug, a "Have a great day!" and did my best speed-walking technique out the door.  I didn't even get a picture.   Boo. Shucks. I need a good cry.

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