Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gwyneth, Nora, and Me, Myself and I

Many of you have seen these style picks from Goop and JCrew, but there are two reasons this pick is still on my mind.  That of course, I must tell you about!  :)

1. #7 is the basic uniform I wore while student teaching in 1994.
Jacket, jeans, dress shirt. I even had wine colored slippers with a pink monogram on the top.

I thought I was so smart, "mixing" professional (jackets & tops) with jeans.  I'm sure other people were doing it too, however, my supervising teacher did not appreciate my jeans, jacket, dress shirt look.

She took points away for "dressing too casually."  This was particularly crushing because I thought I was being "creative" and "thoughtfully dressing" for being on my knees next to a student's desk or out on the playground supervising.  Also, I loved my supervising teacher and wished her criticism had come sooner (maybe she mentioned it and I missed it).

I still wear a version of this outfit almost everyday - You too?

2.  Gwyneth and I share a (momentous) birthday (this week), and, really, is there anyone's life that could be more glamorous?  And aren't we all a little relieved when someone glamorous faces the same challenges that we face?

The closer "the day" comes the more and less I care all at the same time.  I love that I'm not the 20-year-old who is trying to figure everything out.  At the same time, in a very Nora Ephron way, I feel bad about the whole aging process.  I do have moments where I feel bad about how it's all going.  South, it seems is a good direction for warm weather, not skin.

Nora was honest about her thoughts on aging. Things just looked better and were in the right a different place, years ago.  I am sure my memory of my student-teaching outfits look better now, in my memory, just like the backs of my arms.
and I

What do you think about being a woman and aging?
Do you love it?  Hate it?  Do tell!

In the meantime:  Love to you!

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