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Taliesin Tour

Tour of Taliesin in Spring Green, check. 
I can officially cross it off my list!

If you go on this tour, you'll get to sit in the theatre within Hillside school and in FllW's Taliesin Living Room (after putting on booties and being instructed to never lean on anything!).

Our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable and kind.  She told us, on the way up to Taliesen, "This will be the last big hill, I promise!" We were rewarded on the Taliesin patio with a rest & lemonade, tea, water and scones - the chocolate chip were tasty!

Interior photos weren't allowed, so this will be an outdoor tour.  There are tons of books and sites that have much better photos and information -  this is just my two cent tour!  Enjoy!

Unity Chapel - still in use by the Llyod-Wright family.
The boxes? ... preparations for a wedding - a tent was being set up to our left.
To the left?  A cemetary! *
Insert nervous laughter.* I completely missed the part of the tour description that we'd begin at the chapel and cemetery.  I was a bit creeped out, even in the bright sunshine with lots of people around!  The story about FllW's remains being exhumed only added to my anxiety.
Hillside SchoolCommissioned by "the Aunts,"  FllW's aunts who began Hillside School as a boarding school for local children/family members.  
In the north wing of the school (not pictured), FllW Fellowship Architecture Students still work and live. 
There were computers (& working students!) in the drafting room, the dining room tables set for the next meal, a dryer was running in an adjoining room & the theatre stage was set for a student performance that evening.
The Windmill:  Romeo & Juliet
Romeo points to the Southwest
Children from Hillside school would climb the hill to play on the tower...this looks "rolling" - it's quite a steep climb!
FllW's sister stated she wanted "a home," not one of Frank's "experiments."  Tan-y-deri is located just opposite the windmill, which would be to the left of the house in this photo.  Like all of the buildings on the Taliesin property, Tan-y-deri is in need of many repairs.  Until this summer it was used as Fellowship living quarters.
The View from Tan-y-deri to Taliesin (on the left) and beyond.
The secret is:  though FllW's sister's windows were small, she had, I thought, the best view! The hills in the distance represent the opposite side of the Wisconsin River, follow them off to the right, about 30 miles, and I'm home!

The walk to Midway Barns.
Midway Barns 
(Named because it is "midway" between the school and Taliesin)
As a farm girl, I wanted to see FllW's interpretation of the classic barn.
Built into the surroundings, it didn't disappoint.  The milkhouse was in the round tower. The roof, at one time, extended out to the stone piers.  Unlike the classic barns that are so visible from the road (which I love, as well), you have to really look from the highway below to find Midway in the hillside.

 All the buildings on the property are still in use today, including the barn.  Storage (below) and living quarters for Fellowship members or students (the windows on the far right).
The round balls decorating the top?  Old toilet bowl floats!
The Walk to Taliesen
The visitor center (in red), where we began, and the highway that cuts through the valley. The same highway that, at one time, Frank may have tried to get moved.
Off to Taliesin...It was a bit of a hike! That smudge of white is a plastic temporary wall for the (extensive) work being done to shore up the building from years of water damage.  Those mowers had been going all day - there was a lot of activity on the whole property the entire time.
From this spot, below Taliesin, we could hear children on the patio (the most visible part of the house in the photo) just outside of FllW's room was lovely.  

We climbed up the hill to this classic closed in space that led to the open patio.
(The arbor is made of recycled stations!)
My favorite part of the house was that, while FllW was alive, it was his living experiment - I can relate to constantly wanting to change my home!  
After touring the house, we had a final look around.
The bit of white across the valley is the tent at the Unity Chapel - which was our first stop.  The low wing at end the house is FllW's bedroom/study which is surrounded by the patio.
You can just make out Tan-y-deri's dark roof, between the trees in the distance.
Beautifully Landscaped Grounds
There is evidence that these fields may have been terraced, not unlike the house, the land was experimented with as well.
The Road Home 
(Well, a road connecting to a road home!)

If you come visit, plan your tour here!
Love to you!

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