Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dark Wall Obsession

Loving dark walls lately.  Is it a sign of the times (depressing recession!) or does my 2008 decorating taste show?    
Country Living

Maybe dark walls are classic, here forever, not a passing trend?
House & Garden
In an effort to Pin less (not going well) and do more (going a bit better than usual), I may have done something about my dark wall obsession.
                             The Design Files

Meet the straw that broke the into the black paint can, 
the image that sealed the deal:   Kristin Jackson's kitchen on the Hunted Interior:
the Hunted Interior

 Trend or not, I love a dark wall! 

 Love to you!


  1. Nope, you're not alone. I like dark walls too. I love them paired with metallics and light furnishings so they don't feel too heavy though.

  2. Painting a full wall that dark would be so intimidating!! but what a great result on these picktures!!

    love K

  3. I love dark walls also and especially love but wouldn't have the guts to do dark trim to match the walls


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