Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trunk Love

I have contracted some horrible (Think: "Help me, Mommy!") bacterial respiratory infection, a sprained rib from hacking up a lung for the past two weeks, and (I admit) a sour demeanor (more than usual :) from just not feeling well enough to enjoy, well, life!  I know many of you have been exposed to the same "bug"!  (Yuck, right?!)  I'm thankful my kids and husband are healthy and send so many good wishes for healing to any of you and yours who are just not feeling well.  (Being sick is the pits!)
On top of being sick, we've had Spring Break and major gorgeous weather.  
Which is great, except I have the energy of a snail and my best friends are Naps and Sofa lately. All in good time, right?  Every time I see this little revamp, though, I am  cheered right up!
I've always treasured this trunk, but it sat on our porch (aka: "in storage") since we moved here.  It was very "golden," difficult to move around, and though it is "mine," it was not very "me."  When our township tore down the "old town hall" in the '80's, the boards were sold to interested residents.  My grandfather (Val) made this trunk from the boards and gave it to me for my high school graduation.
The trunk's potential kept calling and I finally came up with a plan:   A coat of white paint (a few times to get it right); some wheels (expertly added by a sweet husband who knows that "carriage bolts" are best in this application :); 
...and a set of handles (so practical!)  
My obsession with these handles is full blown - I am trying (possibly not successfully) to restrain from putting them everywhere, in every finish!
I  love how the trunk better reflects "me"... and "us," as my kids sit at it to eat their breakfast.  (I know "bad mommy" - they love it though!)  It's so handy to store the throws we are always using to cozy up on the sofa; and when the urge to somersault strikes, the kids can roll it out of the way.  
In an almost completely unrelated note, I took the paneling off that door in the background and painted over the chippy paint.  There's nothing better than a fresh coat of paint to cheer the soul!

Love to you!

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  1. This is fabulous! I bet you could fit some toys in there. :-) Your added details really make the trunk look so much better. I hope you feel better soon!


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