Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Right In

We have been having the most mild winter & I have been loving it!  Tomorrow evening we're set to get 3-7 inches of snow and I'm ready to be tucked inside and working on projects.  My kids are asking to go away on vacation.  They might need a DIY break.  
Last weekend, I finally finished putting on the braided trim on this bench.  I checked out all the rope options available and choose laundry line from Wal-Mart (by the clothespins - not in Hardware) because it had a bit more texture than the poly-coated.  It was also cheap!  Another vital requirement!
After cutting the rope in thirds and knotting the three strands together, it was just a matter of braiding them together.  I looped the braided trim around an old hanger and coated the trim outside with Scotch-Guard.  (Thank heavens my kids haven't acclimated themselves to tomato sauce yet - whether or not the Scotch-Guard works hasn't been tested.)

Then, I simply hot-glued the trim right over the upholstery staples. *Ahem* After getting the air compressor and staple gun back out (= making my family nuts) to remove and re-staple ev-er-y side of the upholstery! (I had the staples up way too high and they would have shown.)
The ends were another conundrum altogether.  Some flame throwers, burnt fingers & curse words may have been involved in getting them to "look right".  Which they don't. As evidenced by that lump in the middle.  One day I may just walk into the kitchen to discover the trim all on the floor.
In that case, all necessary curse words have been uttered and I'll move right on to Plan A.550...Or to another project that one waiting in the workroom kitchen.

Have a great weekend!   Will you be "snowed in" this weekend too?

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  1. Pretty Bench! I also wanted to let you know that I gave your little blog an Liebster Blog Award. If you like you can grab the button from my blog.


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