Friday, May 6, 2011

"Stuff" to Love

Here are some things I am loving this week:

This gorgeous can full of toxic chemicals; which my sweet husband graciously turned over to me...

...I used every drop to transform our buffet hardware.  
I'm sure he has his regrets in the form of a chemically-induced headache for the 2 weeks it took to get these polished (because finishing things is relative for me).  

Like a "good wife", I went to replace his "Brasso stash" and discovered Brasso now (30 years later) comes in a plastic can.  What will they think of next?!

Miss Moss featured Mr. Wheeler.  I love his red shelf and check out the bear...

...and this faux bois wall(paper?) ...can't get it out of my head, (still)!

Amy Butler's home (love, love!) was featured on Sabbespot and Parlour; these two little sofas and their covers, are among favorite details.
Apartment Therapy

After reading about Sonia Delaunay's exhibit on Mrs. Blandings, I am ordering every book I can about her work.  [And am torturing everyone in the house with my latest (although Brasso-less) project...]

Design Sponge featured O Brother Where Art Thou in their "Living In" segment. OBWAT is possibly my favorite movie ever (one of a few I've seen more than once); I own the soundtrack and the movie marks the first time I REALLY fell for George Clooney...the overalls, the scruff, the shenanigans = *sigh*  :)

Design Sponge
(Get your very own cane toad!)  

I'm off to strap on my big girl overalls and finish something - Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow, that hardware looks amazing,I guess it was worth two weeks of scrubbing.You know you would think the people at Brasso would get a little smarter, you buy a huge can and like you say it lasts thirty years- if I was running the company I would make smaller cans so my customers would run out sooner. LOL! Did you know that parts of OH BROTHER were filmed right here in Mississippi?

  2. I'm pretty much in love with anything that makes my furniture finds more fabulous...including the ones that make me high (c: Perhaps especially those one...hehehe! But seriously, Ford Wheeler's room is freakin' cool, and the bear is something my hubby would downright *BEG* me to incorporate into a room in our house. I would refuse...but I like it in his house (c:

  3. Brasso rocks. Did you also know you can clean silver with it? I mean really, does it get any more helpful than that? Love your blog!


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