Friday, May 20, 2011

Really, Not Really

1)  I can paint like Sonia Delaunay.
Not. Really.
I did paint this on this outdoor 6x8 rug inspired by Patricia's post and Danika's work.  My knees and back are really happy this project is "finished".  

The last week was spent hoping around the rug, carefully placing furniture over the wet paint and saying things like "Don't move that chair!"  and "Whose footprints are these?!"  
(Update: The rug has gone to rug storage heaven. :)

2) I raise ducks.
Nope, Not Really...
These are my dad's ducks, whose arrival my daughter was eagerly awaiting.  She endured a day-long headache and fever at school (my apologies to those of you now infected with the contagion she carried around that day) because if she had come home sick she said I wouldn't let her go see "Grandpa's Ducks".   (Aren't Mommies mean?)

It turns out the ducks didn't arrive on the Headache Day and she was reduced to tears and a nap.  

3)  My Mother's Day gift was a nearly full grown boy in a box.
Um, no, not really...
He rocks my world...and even though you can't quantify the gifts of motherhood...Why don't we begin to quantify by giving the gift of a small air compressor?  Excellent idea, I say.  

4)  This post took me three weeks to write.  
Really;  Nearly and almost. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the rug! Wow a boy in a box, what a gift-one that keeps on giving!

  2. Hi Angeline,
    Cute post...Loved it! And great job with the carpet. Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  3. I am so impressed! I was only brave enough to paint a pillow, but a rug is really amazing.

  4. I love that rug!!! I am are talented! Love the boy in the box!

  5. i really like what you did with the rug! why, oh why is it in storage??


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