Monday, May 2, 2011

Royally You

I loved every.single.minute of The Royal Wedding on Friday....(even Beatrice's & Eugenie's ensembles!)

As an eight year old, I watched Princess Diana walk down the aisle, with my mom.  It was fun to share the excitement with our Miss D.

We watched as much as we could squeeze in before school, then caught up with reruns in the afternoon.

Mr. Will had lots of fun being called "Prince William" for the day.  (Coincidentally, he actually prefers to just be called "William", too;)
William and Kate Royal Wedding print


My favorite royal moment came later in the evening.  Miss D.'s Dance Recital was Friday evening. 
(Thus, the need for reruns vs. getting a 6-year-old up at 4 am.)  

Watching 'my baby' (whose arrival changed almost everything about my life) becoming so much herself brings such peace. and joy. and hope.

Peace that our job, our work, our formation (as much as you can another) is not for naught.

Joy in the Hoorah! the Hooray! the You Did It! You are doing it!

And Hope.
Hope that the world is full of the goodness that is so much a part of her.  

Set the world alight, little girl!  We love you!

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."
St. Catherine of Siena

To those who are remembered in tragedy, 
to those who protect America, 
and to those who have not given up the fight,
We honor & remember you.


  1. What a sweet post...And what a cutie Ms. D is. Congratulations on her recital. Have a wonderful new week.

    Hugs and Smiles,

  2. such a good post! so well said + so sweet. perfectly captures those hopes that we have for our daughters.

    also, beatrice + eugenie are girls that i would like to know. they look like they are the girls you want to hang out with if you're looking for trouble.


  3. A truly sweet post. I enjoyed the royal wedding too. Brought out the princess in all of us. Your daughter is adorable. I love the quote of St. Catherine.


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