Monday, January 23, 2012


My mission lately is to "use up" the supplies we have to "finish up" all those "I was gonna..." projects.  One lovely afternoon, this not-so-lovely buffet followed me home.  It had been in my parents' garage for "a few" years. 
Almost all of the veneer was coming off but the dors and drawers all worked & I loved the trim detail on the sides and bottom.  Besides,  paint can fix anything, right? 
I began by chipping away at the veneer. (This was before I learned what wood glue and well-placed clamps could do for peeling veneer.)  Trust me, you WILL want a pot-holder and a chisel T-H-I-S big :).
Never have I claimed to be a furniture refinisher:  You can see the interior of the door here - like I said earlier - if only I had known I might have tried repairing the veneer on the insides of the doors at least.  I had peeled away (therapeutically, I might add) the water-damaged parts, then filled the gaps with (what else?) Patching Plaster.  ("Use It Up"!)
Here it is coated inside and out with primer, left-over white enamel on the shelves and a blue-gray "oops" paint.
Cut a hole in the back for cords:  You can see how ripply the back is here ...
The doors got a layer of Mod Podge and this (to go with the Left-Over theme) Calico (Holly Hobby Chic, anyone:)), I sanded the rust off the hinges and put the doors back on - with the thought that if they didn't work, a curtain would work (so far, so good!)
The color is somewhere between these two photos: Figuring out my camera is on the "Gonna-Do" List!
I'm thinking a grosgrain ribbon trim around the inside of the doors will finish them off nicely - as one stays open while the TV is on.
My dad helped me polish the hardware (my other favorite detail!), then I added a little white paint detail, some Minwax Rub-On Poly and called it "done"!

"For Now"

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  1. Wow! That's lovely! It looks great - I would never have guessed it's the same piece! Don't know if I'd have had the patience for all those repairs, you did an amazing job :)


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