Friday, February 3, 2012

Mustard, Golden, Canary, Sunshine!

 pretty idea!
Apartment Therapy via Pinterest
Even though my projects haven't reached the "Oh, that's great!" status (yet!), I still love thinking about/admiring home decor and planning another project.
loft & cottage
Loft & Cottage Blog
Loft and Cottage is one of my favorite "go-to" blogs.  Last week, when I entered the Windows by Melissa  pillow cover giveaway I thought "Oo, I've always loved that fabric!"
Windows by Melissa Pillow covers in DwellStudio Citrine
Was I shocked to find out I won!  Then the geeking-out began, not quite as bad as Kristen Bell's sloth-happiness, but worth review;)

 Blogger Angeline said...

My icy, list-filled day is so much brighter! YOU MADE MY DAY!!! Yee-ha!

...aaand my email...

Wa Ha!  Pinch Me!  Hoor-Ay!
Thank you so much~

(I am completely dorking out right now!  
Can't wait to put these in my Living Room!)
<3 Angeline

Really, really, "I'm so happy!"

Sunshine & smiles to you!  

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