Wednesday, August 29, 2012

123 ABC Summer Review

Sometime progress is hard to see, unless you look back to see where you've been.  The beginning of the school year has me looking back at our summer...

Little Blue Egg in a Little Brown Nest  (We spent as much time as possible outside - until it got too hot and too dry!  This nest was found early in the summer on a trailer hitch (!), photo by Miss D.)

Little Fish:  Olympic fever took over in the pool this summer!  Those googles make me giggle :)

"On the Pontoon..."  (Don't you love that song!?)  Usually the yard is our summer project - This year we needed a trailer to get our vintage :) pontoon boat to "the lake."  So, Kev made one himself, which meant lots of welding, sandblasting and painting in the heat.  It was so worth it!

All Done!  (Waiting for a loving home!)
Little Boy Blue  (This thrifted cabinet was $1 and I walked away! Haunted by those pulls & I went back to get it;  and now it's the perfect spot for this little dude's trucks.)

Cement, Concrete, Oh My!   
We began this concrete pouring odyssey last summer - we had our septic system replaced and wanted to add some new sidewalks and a bike path before reseeding.  Last year, most weekends that we poured, the kids went to their Grandma & Grandpa's (It was too hot to be out with us for the 3-4 hours of steady work.) This time the weather was milder & they're old enough to help with some small chores. 

Miss D helped her dad with the finish work (we sprinkled pea gravel over the top to create some texture), she also found out she can move the (empty) wheelbarrow & got to clean up tools with the hose - always the best job on a warm day!  

Still to do:  lots of dirt-moving, a concrete curb to go around one viburnum bush, fill in the inside of the bike path with landscape fabric and pea gravel, and seed. 

We celebrated completing this last section together because we can ride our bikes around the circle now! Feels like (a bit of) progress...Do you feel like you've made some progress this summer? 

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  1. I'd say a completely successful summer, wouldn't you? (c: I'm totally a fan of goggle faces, too...and ridiculously good deals on furniture! That blue cabinet is *AWESOME*, even more so because it was ONE DOLLAR. Ridiculousness! Have a great weekend!


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