Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Upholstered Legs & A Quick Update (!)

Well, no wonder I love this style so much:
Check out the upholstered legs on the stool in this (much posted & gorgeous) office by Domicile Interior Design.
This photo hangs on my inspiration/someday/wish board:  subliminal:)...Have you bookmarked or pinned this image, too?
Domicile ID

More upholstered legs:
These are from Barbara Barry on One Kings Lane...Great inspiration - love the legs and check out the welting on the lumbar pillows, too.
Upholstered Chairs, Pair
Barbara Barry Upholstered Chairs via OKL
Love the curve and the detail work at the bottom:
Downtown Upholstered Sofa via OKL
(The detailing around the back is a beautiful surprise.)

Though matching the print in the stools below looks a little DIY intimidating, the idea that you could take a "black-brown, pleather" stool from any retail store (or a craigslist find) to something like this is exciting!  
Paisley Upholstered X-Stools, Pair
Lars Bolander Paisley Upholstered X-Stools via OKL 

Honestly, I didn't know.  But Christine's right, this is big!

I happened to feature pieces found on OKL in this scheduled post - because OKL is awesome.  How do I, country-gal-who-has-never-once-made-an-actual-purchase-from-One-Kings-Lane know this?  Because OKL is featuring our favorite Design Bloggers in an upcoming Tastemaker Tag Sale!  

Meet the Bloggers

Make a wish for me and Go there (psst..on Thursday!) and purchase some awesomeness of your own!

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